Who are we?

The Anastacio Institute is a social impact project that serves young people in situations of social and economic vulnerability, and aims to recover students’ educational base and prepare them for the job market.

What we do?

The Institute operates from Monday to Friday,
with tutoring classes, English,
interpersonal skills and discoveries
focused on various professional themes.

50 scholarships are offered, divided
equally for two classes:
• Morning: students aged 13 to 18
• Afternoon: students aged 8 to 12.


The project

The project began to be designed and
planned in February 2023, and classes
at the Institute, they were inaugurated on 08/28/23.

Using the developed evaluation model
by Alicerce Educação, the
level of student lag in school, to
so that we could adapt the
class contents: The average lag
educational level in reading is 5.14 years and the
average educational gap in
mathematics is 4.5 years.

From there, monitoring of
learning for each child
individual, understanding and respecting the
difficulties and needs of each student.

The teaching method is based on the pillars
educational services from Alicerce Educação:

Educational basis in literature, writing,
mathematics and English: In order to consolidate the
students’ educational base, they
developed a knowledge trail
based on PISA skills.


Alicerce Educação: created in 2018, it is a social impact company that brings to the Brazil the most innovative and efficient in education in the world. They have surprising results, already proven in more than 25 thousand students who passed through Alicerce https://alicerceedu.com.br
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